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New EP Out April 29! Catch the release at Arcadia Bar at 8 PM.

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Who is this fellow?


Von Bieker wields red guitars, electronics and a heavy stomping foot to usher listeners into the soul’s best hideouts.

A genre-bending performer, Von Bieker's music may best be called 'Modern Folk', with influences ranging from Radiohead to Glen Hansard; Bahamas to Hall and Oates; Cockburn to Cohen.

Von Bieker sets the 'Sacred Small' to music.



Where The Air Is Thin EP

by Von Bieker

"Where The Air is Thin", Von Bieker's first EP, is a product of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Repeat visits have infected Von Bieker with a certain kind of magic that surges through this EP and it's forthcoming counterpart, "Where The Love Comes Easy" (Spring 2017). 

The EP opens with the dark alley mystery of "I Waited", a song about broken promises and bad deals with the devil. Blinking from the shock of the let down, Von Bieker tethers himself to something beyond himself. "I'm a sail, waiting on your wind". The ship sails to "Santa Fe", New Mexico for the final track. "Santa Fe" is a thin place–a sacred space–and that's what makes it impossible to inhabit.

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