I am watching a glass


I am thinking how cliches are so often true

how time really does slow down after our



I am watching a glass


Slow motion and unbroken on the counter like a miracle  

I sigh relief and then behold my reason to



I am watching a glass


and counting what is left of my matching set

wishing I had been more careful, 

more contolled


I am writing 'sharps' on 

a box

I am cleaning up and moving on

and doing my best to make sure this is where the damage  




Dave Von Bieker

Dave Von Bieker, 11243 85 St NW, Edmonton, AB, T5B 3C6, Canada

Dave Von Bieker lives at the intersection of art, faith, hope and love. He has 2 great kids, a fantastic wife, and a mostly good dog. He plays red guitars and drives red cars.