Listen Local - Major Love

This week's Listen Local brings you an indie super-group fronted by Edmonton's hometown hero, Colleen Brown.

Brown's voice has been compared to Joni Mitchell for good reason – her ability to shift gears with a mid-note lilt brings life to her delivery. Her songwriting ain't half bad either.

Major Love is Colleen Brown's newest musical identity. I love the name and the positivity it puts forth. Major Love's debut self-titled album shines.

Just watch this video for "So Good" and try not to smile just a little. Not possible, right? I mean … popsicles AND roller-skating?

Here's where the supergroup bit comes in.

Major Love includes Jesse Northey of Jesse and the Dandelions as well as members of Scenic Route to Alaska, alongside other accomplished music-makers.

Give this new album a listen. I'm pretty sure you just might love it. Like, major.

Listen on Spotify here | Visit Major Love online at

Dave Von Bieker

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Dave Von Bieker lives at the intersection of art, faith, hope and love. He has 2 great kids, a fantastic wife, and a mostly good dog. He plays red guitars and drives red cars.