Listen Local: VISSIA

VISSIA is yet another dynamite performer firmly rooted in the Edmonton music scene, and she's today's Listen Local pick.

With all those jangly guitars and slap-echo vintage vocals, it should be no surprise I'm a VISSIA fan. All the guitar tone in the world can't save a bad song though, and thankfully VISSIA is a fantastic songwriter.

Her album, Place Holder, turns one year old this week, with a big performance celebration Saturday night at Have Mercy that looks like a blast.

Get ready for the show by getting a few of the albums ear-worms embedded in your brain. There's that fantastic opening guitar hook from "I Wanted". "Macando" dials things back a bit with acoustic guitar and pedal steel. Or just sit in the dark and let "The Kind of Good" wash over you. The album finishes strong with some doo-wop vocals on "You Don't Know Her".

Prepare to have some great new songs lodged in your head – then sing along live this Saturday night!

PS. VISSIA also has her own curated playlist of singer-songwriter tracks here.

Dave Von Bieker

Dave Von Bieker, 11243 85 St NW, Edmonton, AB, T5B 3C6, Canada

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