You're Not Bored Enough

I’m don’t spend enough time bored

I’m talking about time without plans and time without entertainment. Time without a phone – or even a book – in my hands. Meandering, wandering time. 

With entertainment at my fingertips at all times, I’ve forgotten my need to be bored. Having nothing to do leads to wonderful – wonder-full – surprises.

Earlier this week I took my dog Carl for a walk. I usually bring my phone along but I’ve been feeling it’s grip on my psyche a little too tightly lately, so I left the phone at home. It would be me, the dog, and the waiting world. 

The evening was beautiful. The temperature was hot with a cool breeze. Sun was shining. 

Because I was had no distractions, I had fun with my dog. I met a neighbour. And I saw this …

All of this has me wondering – do we allow ourselves time to be bored, without pre-packaged entertainment? And what my happen if we did?

Dave Von Bieker

Dave Von Bieker, 11243 85 St NW, Edmonton, AB, T5B 3C6, Canada

Dave Von Bieker lives at the intersection of art, faith, hope and love. He has 2 great kids, a fantastic wife, and a mostly good dog. He plays red guitars and drives red cars.