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It used to go like this; beg for a record contract, get said contract and sign away your rights. To your music. To your time. To your own creative vision. 

It wasn't always so bad, but there are enough stories in music-business folklore to warn any artist to read between the lines of any record deal. And then have your lawyer read it. Twice. 

The good news is music can be made and released easily today, without a record label. I just did it.  The bad news is there are no cash advances in this model - no big record company lending me the money to make that dream single or album or video. 

Music for you, funded by you!

As an indie artist, I can make all my own creative decisions. But I still have to fund those projects, and fund their promotion so new listeners here my music. I still need to cut through the noise.

There is a simple way to fund this journey - and you are that way. Record labels used to stand between artists like me and listeners like you. But no more. 

You can become so much more than a listener. You can become my collaborator. We can create beauty together. 

Welcome to Patreon. 

Patreon is a simple membership platform that allows you to support your favourite artists directly. You decide on any level of monthly support for my music - starting at just a buck! I support a few artists this way and it has connected me to their work in a truly special way.

At just $3 a month, you'll start getting perks, like every original song I release. It's almost like Netflix for indie artists

I've been posting regularly on Patreon, and there are already two audio files you can download there that won't be available anywhere else

Five of you have already signed up as patrons and I am so grateful! I feel that groundswell of sustainability already and will be buying some Facebook ads to promote my latest video because I can. Because of you! 

Join us on Patreon today

How I Made And Released an EP for $140

How I Made And Released an EP for $140

It may be hard to make a living from music these days, but at least it doesn’t cost a living anymore. Thanks to some internet magic and good friends, I was able to record and release Where The Air Is Thin, my latest EP, for just under a hundred and fifty bucks. All in.

Here’s how I did it.

When CS Lewis Predicted the Internet, it Was Hell

When CS Lewis Predicted the Internet, it Was Hell

Where the internet draws us together, I am grateful. But is the web is benign–simply a tool without bias? I'm not convinced. What I see looks more like a spider's web, where you and I sit trapped in a cycle of interactions that are not healthy, but easy. 

The internet is looking a lot like CS Lewis 'Grey Town' – a singular vision of hell he lays out in his book The Great Divorce. 

How Talking the Strangers on Anchor Could Save Social Media

How Talking the Strangers on Anchor Could Save Social Media

Each human voice is beautiful and unique.

Our voices connect us to one another. Our personalities incarnate timber and tone. Vocalization brings nuances text lacks. This subtlety and character have been largely missing from social media. Until now.

Until I installed Anchor, I had no idea the difference a human voice could make.

App Review: Bible for Apple TV

App Review: Bible for Apple TV

For thousands of years, pre-printing-press people had the Bible read to them by others. First as oral histories, then read from priceless scrolls at gatherings. We read with our ears long before our eyes. I like the way the Bible app for Apple TV returns me to that listening space

App Review: Sketch Party TV

Around the Von Bieker home, our favourite group activities are still family games and now we have some exciting new options. Options that take a lot less time and effort to set up than their boxed up counterparts.

One of our favourite family games so far is Sketch Party TV.

Sketch Party TV improves on the 'guess what I'm drawing' formula in a few key ways.


Why I Bet $200 on the New Apple TV

Why I Bet $200 on the New Apple TV

I'm well aware that Apple TV 4 costs up to a hundred dollars more than other streaming boxes. For me, it's worth the premium for one reason; the Apple TV App Store.

Apps mean potential. Apps are the key to unlocking a developer community we've already watched transform the cell phone. I'm betting Apps will begin to transform TV too, and I welcome that transformation.