Make It Small Debut Episode Featuring Kurtis Bösecke of Sofar Sounds Edmonton!

Boy am I excited about this project. 

When I began my journey towards a music career a year and a half ago, I wasn't sure what I wanted. My goals have clarified and I'm now aiming to make it ... small. You'll hear more about this in the episode, but suffice it to say it's about the music for me, and the ability to continue making it, with all the costs and sacrifices involved, for years to come, while keeping my family and faith and self-worth intact. 

I'm learning how to do this with the help of some great people, and, of course, I'm making mistakes, too. 

Combine this journey with the fact that I love Podcasts. I've been listening for more than a decade, and I'm happy to see the medium is stronger now than ever. I've wanted to add my voice to this conversation for a long while. Maybe I can carry you through a long drive? Maybe these conversations will help you enter dreamland. 

My hope is to document my journey as a musician trying to 'make it', as I learn just what that means. I'm pretty sure some of you listening will pick up some tips and tricks on the way, too. 

Each episode of Make It Small will bring me into contact with someone who can help. A producer, a booking agent, a musician, a photographer, a videographer, a festival producer - anyone and everyone willing to drop some pearls of wisdom. Please subscribe on iTunes if you like what you hear, leave a review, and share this with a friend. 

Today's Episode

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Kurtis Bösecke

How do you get 50 people to come to a show in a mystery venue to watch a band they've never heard of? I interview Kurtis Bösecke of Sofar Sounds Edmonton to find out.

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