Episode 3: Harry Gregg, Big Dreamer

When you’re applying for grants, if you’re constantly saying “Hey, if you give me this money I’m going to make a thing”, nobody’s going to give you any money. You have to show that you are making art, and that you’re serious about it, and if they’re going to give you money, it’s going to help you do a better job sooner, but you’re doing it anyways.
— Harry Gregg

The first time I played at the Needle's Big Dreamer Jam, I was welcomed by Harry Gregg. I later learned this is Harry's baby. He's there every week, creative opportunity for the city's best musicians to make sparks together. Big Dreamer Jam was the first place I had a backing band in years, and the feeling was electric. When I started this podcast, I hoped Harry Gregg would say yes to an interview.

I learned a lot from our conversation. I saw Harry's passion and optimism for the local music scene. And I made a big, embarrassing assumption that reveals just how much I still have to learn.

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