Ep.4 - Jason Was Overwhelmed, So He Built SubmitHub

Episode 4 marks my first excursion outside of Edmonton, at a time when I'm trying push my music out of town as well. Jason Grishkoff is a music blogger who created a tool to help music bloggers wade through the digital sea of submissions from small-time indies just like me. He linked up from LA to tell me how he did it, and why.

You'll learn a lot here about how music bloggers work and what makes them tick.  Perhaps most surprising of all, you'll learn that few of them have ever recorded a song themselves. Including Jason. 

So why spend money on Jason's website, SubmitHub, to have uninvested strangers judge your work? Have a listen.

Dave Von Bieker

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Dave Von Bieker lives at the intersection of art, faith, hope and love. He has 2 great kids, a fantastic wife, and a mostly good dog. He plays red guitars and drives red cars.