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Thanks for your interest in the music I make. I'm honoured you'd consider sharing it with the world, and I'd like to help you do that.

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April 19 | Local Songwriter Brings Bow-Tie and Crowd-Funded Guitar to Arcadia to Release New EP


Von Bieker is your bow-tied tour guide to the other side.

Wielding light guitars and a heavy stomping foot, Von Bieker ushers listeners into the soul’s best hideouts.

Von Bieker's alternative folk reveals influences ranging from Radiohead to Glen Hansard; Bahamas to Hall and Oates; Cockburn to Cohen.

Von Bieker's latest four song EP, Where The Love Comes Easy, is available wherever fine music is sold or streamed.

Von Buzz

"Von Bieker sets banjos and acoustic guitars to an electronic drumbeat that juxtaposes two musical worlds." - Adobe and Teardrops - http://www.adobeandteardrops.com/2017/06/morning-music.html

"Beauty Bright fuses the aforementioned banjo with heavy foot stomps for an upbeat and warm folk anthem. “All the flowers we dug up, they started wilting, drying out/ All the colours will be faded by the morning/ if we don’t stop to keep the beauty bright,” sings Bieker with a backup of gang vocals that fills the room with a soft comforting light as everyone sings and claps along with triumphant zeal." - Ohestee - http://ohestee.com/music/folk/von-bieker-banjo-driven-beauty-bright/

"Edmonton artist Von Bieker gives us the perfect spring track with his banjo-filled sunny tune “Beauty Bright”." - Tiana Feng, Ride The Tempo - http://ridethetempo.com/2017/05/11/listen-von-bieker-beauty-bright/

Pretty in Noise (SoundCloud Repost) - https://soundcloud.com/prettyinnoise

"Akin to the soundtrack one would hear whilst in a dream where you are a magical bird flying above a sleepy forest of glowing trees, Von Bieker releases its newest collection of sounds with, Where The Love Comes Easy." - Trent Wilke, Vue Weekly